Assembled, mixed and mastered by Zumvo
Artwork by Zurkas Tepla and Alice

Recorded in
Moscow, Russia

This is the fourth release on CANT label, established in Moscow by Zurkas Tepla.
      Zurkas Tepla (CANT): zrkstpl@gmail.com

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      Zumvo is a musician, digital artist and engineer Alexander Artem'ev from Moscow, Russian Federation and Disintegration. Started as acid folk experience in 2017 at Saulkrasti, Latvija. And now we have what we have - groovy sound collages with telegram messages, vinyl scratches, synths, acoustic guitar, mpc glitches, etc.

      Previously performed on bass and guitar in several punk and psychedelic bands like Hatsue Kill, Panihida, Bicycles for Afghanistan. Also worked as magnetic recording engineer at audio cassette manufacture GoTape, Spb and as electroplating engineer at Moscow vinyl plant.